Dowsing Benefits

The Benefits of a Dowsing Consultation

Many people assume that the problems they have are caused by something they’re doing. This might not be the case however. If you have issues or struggles that just won’t go away, it might not be you but actually your home or office that is attracting them because of geopathic stress, interference lines, negative energy vortexes, thought forms, etc.
The Earth’s natural vibrations support our immune and energy systems, our bodies and our minds. When these natural vibrations are disturbed, their energy turns negative. Studies have shown that electromagnetic fields from human-made power lines, electrical appliances, cell phones and cell phone towers put humans at physical risk. These stressed energy fields can impact our bodies and immune systems, challenging our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and reduce our success in relationships with family and friends and in our work life.
Clearing your space of detrimental energies can result in the following:

An increase in your energy and vitality
Better quality of sleep
Less colds and illnesses
A strengthened immune system
Improved communications
Stronger healthier plants
Fewer insects on the property
More birds and butterflies
Healthier more peaceful animals
Better relationships
Improved creativity
Increased financial flow, and
A feeling of ease, well-being and peace

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