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Feng Shui

Bay Area Workshops and Classes

Monthly Dowsing Class

Shirley RuncoContrary to what many people once believed, there is nothing "magical" or "evil" about dowsing (which is referred to in the Bible and depicted on Egyptian tombs and in the ancient cave paintings in Europe). It is a talent virtually all of us have. By concentrating and tapping into the abilities hidden in the subconscious mind, most people can learn to dowse very quickly.

The pendulum is the easiest tool for a beginner to master. Those who discover they can dowse stand on the threshold of new and exciting experiences.

In this class you will program your use of the pendulum for greater accuracy and receive many charts and tips that will give you information on a variety of topics: chakra balance, relationship compatibility, financial questions, healing remedies needed, how to change your life and much more.

For more information, contact Shirley Runco at or call (510) 278-3136

“Shirley is a fantastic teacher! Full of information and excited to teach others ways they can improve their lives and the planet. Shirley is a loving and giving teacher. I received an overwhelming amount of information that will keep me growing as a dowser for years to come.”   
Cheryl McDonald

“I just spent a few hours with Shirley taking her dowsing class. Shirley is a delight and shared a wealth of information. It was fun, informative, and I look forward to practicing my new dowsing techniques. You won’t find anyone with more passion about dowsing than Shirley. Take her class!
Julie Harris


"Learning to Communicate With the
Secret World of Nature Spirits"

Come and discover an exciting new world of
marvelous beings. When out in the woods have you ever felt as if someone were watching you? Have you ever lost something, only to find it later in an odd place? Now you can learn to commune with a whole world of unseen beings, including elves, devas and nature spirits. With just a little understanding and patience, you can begin to recognize their presence and develop a new respect and perception of the natural world. $65.

11am-4pm, Saturday, Date TBA
Location: Lake Chabot Park
To register, contact Shirley Runco by e-mailing or call (510) 278-3136.

"The Magic of Color for Body,
Mind and Spirit"

Come and experience a wonderful healing journey through the color spectrum of the chakras. You will discover how to bring color more richly and productively into your daily life and how color affects everything you do in a variety of ways. With this increased understanding you can paint your life with greater beauty and enjoyment.

Eight week class, 7-8:30 pm in the East Bay, Date TBA
$25 each class or $175 prepaid
If you are interested, please contact Shirley Runco at or call (510) 278-3136

Group Self-Healing Sessions/Classes with Pete Warburton

Dowsing is a mental phenomenon of asking a question from the mind, and getting a physical response (interpreted as a yes or no answer) from the physical body. The theory of dowsing for "power of mind self-healing" is that the body will heal itself, if the subconscious understands the cause of the problem.

The dowser "plays detective" to find a disharmony in their physical or psychic body, then asks their subconscious inner healer to clear the disharmony, which may be ungrounding an emotional block, or some other disturbance. The subconscious inner healer clears you of the disharmony and brings you back into harmony (balance).

Self-Healing Classes: Sat and Sun, no fees/charges, noon-2pm (unless no one shows up by 12:15pm), Starbucks patio in the shopping center at Homestead Rd/Foothill Exwy, near Foothill Exwy/I 280 in Cupertino. Workshop, Sep-May, 2nd Sat each month at the dowser’s meeting at the Divine Science Community Center, 1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose.


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