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Feng Shui

Pendulum Instructions

To hold your pendulum properly, arch your wrist with the string or chain clasped between the forefinger and the thumb so the pendulum has a downward drop. Extend and separate the last three fingers so they can act as antenna. Give the pendulum a 3" length on the string or chain and hold directly over the diagram above. The shorter the string or chain the faster the action.

Look at the diagram above; remove your attention from the pendulum; focus your attention and out loud say,"Intuitive mind, indicate the direction of yes for me." For most people a forward and backward or clockwise direction indicates yes, and its opposite for no.

At first, use your intuition only to move the pendulum without making statements. When just beginning, it may be helpful to give the pendulum a slight motion, then let the natural force take over the motion. If you have difficulty in making the pendulum move or in being consistent, then consider; are you tired, forcing the situation, or in an imbalanced state? If so, give it a rest and approach it another time.

Any thoughts about possible answers, personal desires, feelings about the outcome, ego involvement or tendency to show off will influence the accuracy of your work. Keeping yourself objective and detached is one of the keys to your success.

Always start with the statements: I am balanced. I am connected to True Source. I am 100 percent neutral. My ego is 12 percent or lower. When you get a yes to these statements, then say - I can, I may, I should. If you get a yes, you are ready to make your statement. I you get a no, stop and reword your statement or wait until another time to dowse.

You can ask to be connected to True Source by making the statement, "There is only one power and one presence, and I am one with the power and that presence."

If you are not in balance, stop and balance yourself with any method you're familiar with: hitting the side of your hand with your other hand, cross walks, thymus thumps; you can close your eyes and visualize X, or you can ask spirit to bring you back into balance.

Be very specific when making statements and have a clear intention. It is important to start with simple statements about situations or conditions in which you are unemotionally attached to the outcome. You can also ask to be cleared of any anticipated and desired outcome. Your answers are going to be only as good as the statements. Remember, as with any skill that you have learned, it requires practice, patience and persistence.

After you have received answers to your statements, check the following: "You fully understand my statements. I have made the correct statements to get the answer that best serves my path. I have received answers that are the highest truth and are not just to satisfy my desires or ego. There is something else I need to do regarding this set of statements."
For example, if the statement relates to a type of food or vitamin, find out if you are supposed to actually eat it or just hold it near you. If you are considering going someplace, find out if you are to go there in person or in spirit.

Always trust your intuition over your pendulum. Sometimes there is something hidden that is hard to unveil with our statements. When you have completed your pendulum session, it is always helpful to give thanks for the information you have received.

Preparing to Dowse

When preparing to dowse:

Say, "My name is __________." If the answer is "no" your polarities are reversed so hit the side of your hand (under your little finger) with your other hand a few times, and then ask again. Then state, with your pendulum swinging, "I am in harmony with all disharmony. I am neutralized, harmonized, energized. I am connected to True Source." You should receive a "yes" to each statement. Continue with "I am in the light and protected by the Angels."

The next statement you make is "There is interference with my dowsing accuracy." If the answer is "yes" you then request, "Please clear all interference with my dowsing accuracy" and wait until your pendulum stops moving, and check again.

Get your statement clearly in mind and say, "I can, I may, I should" and with a "yes" you are ready to dowse! If you are tired, angry, stressed, dehydrated, hungry or irritable wait until you are feeling better before attempting to dowse. If you are feeling emotional about the answer, get someone else to dowse for you.

A way to verify the accuracy of your dowsing is to check the following: "This is a true answer." Restate the answer you received by saying "It is ________. " "I am able to get a clear answer to this statement at this time. I should reword the statement. My statement is clear and understood. This is an accurate answer according to universal truth." Using statements instead of questions uses less energy and is a more effective way of receiving accurate information.



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