Predictions For Sun Sign

Meeting Saturday, Feb 13: 2016 Predictions for each Sun Sign

This lecture allows us to take a walk through the 12 sun signs with a focus on planting the seeds you need to grow this year. We have some transformative, emotive, and expansive experiences to delve into for our growth and happiness in 2016, which ultimately brings us success.image001

Each one of us has gifts, talents, and our own unique style to contribute to our community and to ourselves. As we awaken to our lives on a deeper and more profound level we are given experiences that take us out of our comfort zone, transform our minds, and ultimately get expressed to those around us, inspiring others to take on their own paths to self transformation and happiness.

To be open to happiness and success we must hold ourselves 100% accountable and responsible for our own lives. We must trust that the experiences that are laid upon us are exactly what we need. When traumatic events strike our lives we are abruptly awakened to life and death, to our own levels of limitations and restrictions in those areas of our reality. As we come through to the other side we are stronger more powerful within our own boundaries and the structures we have created in our life. We are stronger than we know and sometimes it’s through the inconceivable that we learn the most about ourselves.

Take hold of the power of your life and move forward with discipline and focus so that you are in alignment to your path and the journey that you were born to take.

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