Professional Dowsers

This is a listing of Dowsing Professionals who have paid us a nominal fee to be listed on this site. Please write us about your experiences with them.

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Shirley Runco

Dowsing Expertise – Spiritual Response Therapy
Clearing – People, Land, Buildings
Locating – Underground Water
Teaching – Classes, Workshops, Fieldtrips

Description of Services: 

For a full-scale consultation, which includes space clearing and answering questions, at your place; the fee is dowsed and starts at $150. Questions only, answered via emails, $5.00 a question with pre-payment. An SRT session is $150 or $100 if added to the consultation! Pendulum dowsing classes are $75, and include a large packet of really useful information with many charts. Holiday or theme parties are $250 for 4 hours; $125 for 2 hours or $75 for 1 hour.


Address: 17063 Via Pasatiempo
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

Telephone: (510) 278-3136 or (510) 551-3136

Call between the hours of: 8am-6pm

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Seattle Area
Energy Dowsers of the Pacific NW

Pat Delafield, President, (425)778-9665 – email:, website:

Meets 3rd Sunday
mostly monthly, September through May.

Address: Islandia Cabana: 20108 56th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036 2PM – 5:30.

James Gamble

Dowsing Expertise – Water Dowsing
Clearing – Buildings
Locating – Underground Water
Teaching – Classes, Workshops

Description of Services: 

Primarily finding underground water. $500 plus milage.


Address: 178 Santa Teresa
San Leandro, CA 94579

Telephone: (510) 697-3076

Call between the hours of: 8am-11pm


Inez Lindsey
Dowsing Expertise – Bioenergy Balancing (Jin Shin Jyutsu), Feng Shui (Member of the International Feng Shui Guild)
Clearing – People, Land, Buildings
Locating – People, Pets, Lost Objects, Underground Water
Teaching – Classes, Workshops


Description of Services: I charge $200 per well site plus 50 cents per mile for gas milage. I charge what I think people can afford based on square feet, etc. for feng shui and space clearing. I also do energy work (Jin Shin Jyutsu) on the person or persons before I leave so that they won’t have adjustment problems to the new energy. My workshops are on Practical Dowsing and run from 1-4pm. This includes Beginning Dowsing, lessons on health, charts, water dowsing, space clearing and a 52 page handout and other materials for a total of $45 per class, which is limited to 4 students.

Chapter Meetings 2nd Sat. Jan to May 4726 Santa Monica Ave. 92107 Ocean Beach Recreation Center, Activity Room 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Pot luck break Suggested Donation $5.00 non members National ASD $4.00 Members National ASD.


Meets second Saturday, September thru May at the Ocean Beach Recreation Center, 4728 Santa Monica Ave., 10am-1pm.

3030 Suncrest Drive #315
San Diego, CA 92116
Phone: (619) 517-8110
Hours: 8am – 6pm

Barney Turner
Dowsing Expertise – Bioenergy Balancing, Building Labyrinths, Geomancy
Clearing – People, Land, Buildings
Locating – Underground Water
Teaching – Classes

Description of Services
Water map dowsing and location of drill sites is $150 plus travel. Clearing buildings of negative energies is $75. Map dowsing for gold is $100 plus percentage. Locating correct site for labyrinths is $75.

27717 Camino Real
Shingleton, Ca 96088
Phone: (530) 474-1938

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