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Water for Humanity Newsletter
JUNE 2014
Volume 6, Number 3
American Society of Dowsers

          Archived Newsletter December 2012 
          Archived Newsletter February 2013
          Archived Newsletter April 2013
          Archived Newsletter August 2013
          Archived Newsletter December 2013
          Archived Newsletter April 2014           

Welcome to the Water for Humanity E-Newsletter, created to keep you the membership and our supporters better informed of the activities of the WFH Fund, in supplement to our regular postings in the American Dowser.


A few news items:

Reports and updates:   Two new project completion reports received.

Rene Lincoln: In Memoriam:   Beloved WFH Committee member passes

WFH's Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign report: Our first experiment with crowd-funding was a big success, reaching and exceeding our monetary goal

WFH announces project in its 16th country:   One well will be drilled and two repaired in the African country of Zimbabwe

Congratulations Richard Roy:  WFH congratulates Richard Roy, named 2014 Dowser of the Year for his work in Haiti


Left to right: Glen Johnson - Raffle volunteer, Sue Dillon - Raffle Chairperson, Steve Herbert - WFH Secretary, Diane Anderson - Raffle volunteer


Safe Water Now (SWaN) progress report: Maasi women are the recipients of household ceramic water filters

Report on World Water Day activities:   The organization HEADS reports on its activities to raise awareness about water in India on March 22nd, World Water Day


Testimonial: Mrs. Pachimmal in India testifies she no longer has to fetch polluted water from early morning to late evening

Profile: Mr. Mauniyandi of the organization SHERDP in India tells how he worked his way up to take a position helping others overcome poverty and discrimination

Volunteer Travels and Projects: Richard Roy writes of three different experiences to illustrate the difficulties of doing water resources development in Haiti

Appropriate Technology Feature: Steve Herbert writes about developing water resources by harvesting atmospheric humidity

Project Completion Report: The Salvadoran Association for Rural Health (ASAPROSAR) reports on Phase 6 of their project to distribute household water filters to rural families in western El Salvador







Donate to Water for Humanity
Click picture to donate to Water for Humanity Your donation will be used to help people gain access to adequate supplies of safe water. You may send donations to: Water for Humanity, American Society of Dowsers, PO Box 24, Danville, VT 05828, or click on the picture to the left to go to the donation page of our website. Be sure to specify that you are donating to Water for Humanity.

American Society of Dowsers
Water For Humanity
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Danville, VT 05828

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